Friday, March 17, 2006

I'll Be Searching for that CASH CAB!!!

Well folks...I'm off to NY (Westchester County)...for about the gazillionth time in the past 6 months. My sister just gave birth to a baby boy (Colin Tyler) on February 21 and my mother and I are going to meet him. I thought I would jump on and post a quick one while I wait for my mom to get here (especially since I was victim of the ugly 403 Forbidden fiasco yesterday that kept me from posting and/or publishing).

Anyway...since I have been back on the East Coast, my mom and I now share the ride back home to the Tri-State. Not too long before I moved back east, she moved from Jersey to Virginia...Norfolk, VA. So when we travel north, she drives the 3.75 hours to get to me and then I drive the 4 hours to NY. I'm hoping that she'll be here any minute now cause I'm starting to get a wee bit tired *yawn*. The good thing is that she got off work early today so she won't be driving in the dark. My mom + driving + darkness + PG County, MD= frantic call accusing me of having her "lost in this wilderness!" No lie y'all...she called Suitland, MD the "wilderness." It still makes me chuckle :o)

So why the title for this blog then? Why not, "I'm Off to Meet My New Nephew?" Because...I have become addicted to yet another reality/game show. Have any of you see the show called "Cash Cab?" Basically there is this one cab, the Cash Cab, that travels the streets of NYC in search of passengers. When you get picked up and get in the cab, it becomes a disco - stobe lights and all. The host (ie. cab driver) then informs the passengers that they are on a game show. Here are the rules of the game. The host will ask you questions ranging from $25-$100....

Sorry guys...Mom did better than I thought...she just rang the doorbell...gotta get on the road. I'm going to try to complete this post tonight.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger TTD said...

Good luck finding ur cash cab! Be safe & have fun!


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