Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Wonder If She Really Knows: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

"I wonder, I wonder if you really knew
That I see God in you
And I wonder if you can see
How much you mean to me
I know you cannot read my mind
But I hope you feel the vibe
I think it's time I let you know that
I see the God in you"

"I See God In You"

Usually, I would relate this song to a love interest. And I guess you can say that, in a way, I am. Today is my Mom's 60th birthday...30 years ago, she became my very first best friend...and the very first love of my life.

There aren't many people in this world that I would die for. This is the truth and is not meant to discredit the relationships I have with, or the love that I have for, any of my family, friends or loved ones. However, I say with all that I have within me, that I would give my life to save the life of my Mother.

My Mother is a living angel...I am certain of it. She gave me life. She went without so I did not. She isn't just a teacher of what is right, but is also the ultimate example. She was (and still is) dedicated to her children and, at a time when the men in her life proved to be otherwise, worked three jobs when most others would have given up. She gave back to her community and made us do the same. The life that she lives, her sweet spirit and kind soul are what make it impossible for me to name a single soul that has a bad thing to say about her...and I say that with no exaggeration.

Had it not been for what I experienced as a young girl, I might take my mother's birthday - and birthday's in general - very lightly. But it was that summer evening in 1986 when I almost lost my Mother to respiratory arrest in the parking lot of our local grocery store that made me realize that the celebration of another year of life is just that...a celebration of yet another one of God's blessings! The doctor's said that she shouldn't have made it, but I thank God that she did!

I will not lie and tell you that there was never a moment in my life when I didn't like my mother...I was a teenager, remember? A time when I didn't think she understood me or knew what she was talking about. A time when I probably thought that my life would be better without her as my mother. But for every one of those thoughts, she provided me with a million and one things to negate my nonsensical thinking.

All that one might label as "good" in me, came from her. I cannot take credit for even one of my positive traits or characteristics. Sure, I have had to learn plenty of personal lessons...I have had to make decisions and choices of my own...I have had to experience life for myself, especially once I became an adult. But at the core of every life experience, every decision or choice, was a characteristic or lesson that I learned from my Mother.

She taught faith when she introduced me to God.
She taught forgiveness when she took care of my father, her once abuser, on his death bed.
She taught charity when she worked Toy Drives not knowing how she was going put gifts under the tree for her own children.
She taught honesty when she gave me a straight answer for every question that I asked.
She taught hope each night she prayed for a better life for herself and her children.
She taught accountability every time she admitted to her faults and mistakes.
She taught gratitude each time she showed thanks for what she had been given.
She taught patience through her work with children.
She taught love with every hug and kiss.
She taught discipline each time she "administered" punishment.
She taught perserverance with each burden she had to bear.
She taught strength by overcoming physical challenges.
She taught integrity each time she refused to meet ignorance with ignorance.
She taught peace with welcoming the sounds of silence.
She taught objectivity whenever she challenged me to consider a different way.
She taught flexiblity in her acceptance when things didn't go as planned.

The list is endless.

For all of the above, and so much more, I pay tribute to and honor my Mother's life. I am thankful that, on April 9, 1946, God manifested Himself in the woman that I call "Mother." It is by His grace that I Journey Back to Joy with one of the best and most qualified counselors by my side.

I know that He is...because I see Him in her every time I look into her eyes.


I love you with all of my heart and thank you...for everything!


At 1:43 PM, Blogger LUVIN ME said...

I understand you...My mother is my heart. My mother sacrificed...she went to school, worked, and came home in the evenings to deal with two spoiled kids and a husband. In the summer when we were teenagers, she even came home on her lunch breaks to make us lunch...She is "more than a woman to me"!

I hope your mom has a happy birthday!

At 7:47 PM, Blogger Darbs said...

@ Luvin: Thank you. Sounds like you were blessed with a wonderful Mother as well...aren't we lucky?

At 9:56 PM, Blogger Will said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!! From this post, I feel like I know her. Very nice!

At 11:16 PM, Blogger Darbs said...

@ Will: Thank you!

At 5:56 PM, Blogger TTD said...

aww.. that's so freakin sweet!! my mom and i are very close too! im her only child.. guess we really have no choice! lol.. thanks for the love on GTL's page :o) hope your mom had a good birthday!

At 11:18 PM, Blogger Darbs said...

@ TTD: It's great that you are close to your Mom too! No problem...I added GTL to my blog roll. And thanks...she had a great birthday...epecially after I read this post to her!

At 5:24 PM, Blogger Tracie B. said...

moms are the best:) happy birthday to her.

At 12:33 AM, Blogger Darbs said...

@ Tracie: Aren't they?? Especially when you have great ones :o). Thank you!


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