Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hopefully Romantic

I admit it...I am a bonafide, hopeFUL romantic...and I'm not one bit 'shamed. Through it all, I still believe...and it's songs like this that that make believing that much sweeter:

Shirley Bassey

What are you doing the rest of your life
North and South and East and West of your life
I have only one request of your life
That you spend it all with me

All the seasons and the times of your days
All the nickels and the dimes of your days
Let the reasons and the rhymes of your days
All begin and end with me

I want to see your face in every kind of light
In fields of dawn and forests of the night
And when you stand before the candles on a cake
Oh, let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make

Those tomorrows waiting deep in your eyes
In the world of love you keep in your eyes
I'll awaken what's asleep in your eyes
It may take a kiss or two

Through all of my life
Summer, Winter, Spring, and Fall of my life
All I ever will recall of my life
Is all of my life with you

Now I'm not saying I'm ready for another relationship just yet (however, I'm not saying that I'm not either), but when I am - this is the kind of stuff that I want it to be made of.

Just thought I'd share the love...

Disclaimer: And no...this has absolutely nothing to do with the ridiculously gorgeous man that made it possible for me to post this message today...I'm hopeful, not foolish. The "joy" hasn't come back THAT strong yet...lol!


At 2:51 PM, Anonymous TTD said...

lol @ the disclaimer!!

WELCOME BACK!!! I thought i lost you forever.. glad i didn't :-)

this was a beautiful song!

At 3:03 PM, Blogger African girl, American world said...

I too am a hopeless romantic girl so I feel you!

At 4:43 PM, Blogger Darbs said...

@TTD: Thank you...it's so good to be back. And I'm thrilled to hear from you after going to your site and learning that you had said your "goodbye" - I was so sad. But I'm glad that you are still out there lurkin' - having you around some of the time is better than none of the time!

@Mwabi: I know you are simply because I know me...you know how we roll :)

At 9:23 PM, Blogger TTD said...

tisk, tisk.. someone didnt read my whole post :-P

i left BLOGGER.. im still blogging though.. just moved to wordpress

At 9:16 AM, Blogger Darbs said...

@TTD: Ooops my bad...charge it to my rushing through posts to try to catch up and not my heart. This is such good news, though, I'll have to update my blogroll.


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