Thursday, December 14, 2006

Life good y'all. Life is really, really good.

Forgive me for my fall back into oblivion. Do I even need to share my excuse? Okay...I will...I got a J-O-B!!!! I just love saying that! Please don't take that as bragging, though - that's so not my style. I'm just sharing my blessings!

I'm coming into the end of my third week of work and I must say that I am really enjoying the new gig. Whether it's because I haven't worked in a minute (a very loooooong minute), or because I'm happy with my position/responsibilites...I'm not sure. And, quite frankly, I don't really care. The bottom line is that I am thrilled to be there and, from what I can tell, they are thrilled to have me. And I'm gonna ride this thrill until the wheels fall off!

So for those of you who left your well wishes and have inquired about how things are going...know that all is well. My commute is relatively simple (thanks in HUGE part to the graciousness of my best friend who gets up to drive me to the Metro every morning and is there to pick me up every night), I work with a really great group of people and just within these three short weeks I already have a handful of new knowledge/experience/abilities to add to my resume! And I don't say that because I'm planning on making a professional move any time soon, but because from now on...both professionally and's all about growth. Upward movement.

I must say that I have joined the organization at its busiest time of year, especially for my department. But, I would much rather it be this way..."baptism by fire"...if I can make it through this busy season, the rest of the year should be a breeze. And I do get a reprive having our "holiday leave" spanning from December 23 through January 2. How sweet is that? All companies should make this a mandate, in my opinion.

So again I say: Life is good! Sure...there is always desire and opportunity for it to be great, but considering what I have been dealing with...I'll take good with pleasure!!!

I mean, don't get me Journey is nowhere near being void of drama. However, with the awesome sense of peace that I feel these days, I'm learning how to deal with and overcome the drama much better than I have in recent years.

Humbly, I ask that you continue to keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Next, on my list of "to do's" is finalizing my divorce and finding an apartment in DC. Send them up for me family...because I know, without a shadow of doubt, that your good thoughts and prayers in the past have contributed to my present! Many, many thanks!

Now that I have given you the long overdue update, I'm going to chill out before I call it a night. I must hand it to all of you working bloggers...this ain't easy. I'm sure it will get better as time goes on...after I'm done reacquainting myself with full-time work.

It better...cause I don't know what I would do without ya!